Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maine Beer Company: Revisited

I finally got a chance to spend some time at Maine Beer Company again recently. The new brew house is in, and churning out a higher quantity than ever of Maine Beer's usual hits, as well as some experimental/one-off stuff. With MBC now available in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont there is still plenty of Peeper and Zoe on the shelves in Maine thanks to the increased capacity. Mean Old Tom was a very welcome and much anticipated stout and the perfect way to finish out another brutal Maine winter. Their latest offering, an IPA named "Lunch" will be hitting shelves very soon.

I was lucky enough to be at the brewery on a day when Dan was brewing a special batch of beer with Alan, the man who taught him how to brew. This brew may or not be bottled, and may or not spend some time in a barrel. ;) I've already posted about Maine Beer Company's humble beginnings so it was great to get back into the brewery and shoot some pics of the new setup....

The rest of my pics from the brew day as well as the original 1bbl setup can be found here

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