Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bacon Dinner

Every once in a while an idea comes along so amazing that you wonder why no thought of it yet. Something so obvious, just sitting there waiting to be discovered, and fully exploited. When a friend asked if I would be interested in a dinner centered around bacon my answer was an immediate yes, of course. That was followed by the question, why haven't we done this already? Too gluttonous? Too unhealthy? Who cares, we both knew it had to be done so after a few weeks of tossing ideas around we finally made it happen. The goal was too involve bacon every step of the way, but not be overwhelmed and to be honest, we nailed it. It was a group effort with many contributors and even more people helping to eat everything. I tried to document as much as I could so enjoy......

A couple appetizers to get warmed up:

Goat cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon

Deviled eggs, with bacon of course

Onto the main course, a prime rib wrapped in bacon(no, really). The original plan was for duck, but in a stroke of genius Taber decided to wrap yet another piece of meat in bacon that really has no need at all for extra fat and grease but will certainly still benefit from it. This ended up being a delicious combo, albeit very detrimental to everyone's health.

Twice baked potatoes with brie, chive, and bacon

Plated and ready to be devoured

Side salad: Spinach, apple, walnut, blue cheese, and yes, bacon

On to dessert, starting with chocolate stout cupcakes with bourbon chocolate frosting and maple bacon

Now that obviously isn't going to be enough dessert so lets throw in some candied maple bacon(amazing)......

then toss that on some maple ice cream and pair it with a nice barrel aged stout

After having some time to come out of the food coma, rehydrate, and reflect, I'm very happy with how everything came together. We ate a lot of bacon, but worked it into each course quite well. There was never a point that any of us were overwhelmed with bacon. Success.

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