Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mexican Night

Buenos Noches Amigos! For the next round of Sunday dinners we shift things to lovely Bath, ME. While trying to figure out what to do for our next epic fest of gluttony, Taber 'n Jess offered to host the group for some home made mexican food. Taber warned us that this wouldn't be your average taco night. Apparently Jess likes to make everything from scratch which is perfectly fine with everyone involved. Little did we know the quality of food we were in for.

After getting a tour of the house and meeting "Zipper" the family dog we started things off with some guacamole, salsa, and chips.

Randy and Catherine show us two very different yet equally effective methods for eating a chip and guac.

Randy prefers the "Sticky Fingaz Chompdown". A nice firm bite and plenty of guac residue on his fingers shows us that he's not afraid to dig in.

Catherine shows us a very enthusiastic technique. Mouth wide open ready to consume as much avocado in one bite as possible.

While the rest of us spent the day with various other chores Jess was in the kitchen making everything from scratch. Facebook updates kept Catherine's mouth watering all day. We didn't arrive in time for any process pics but the amount of hardware involved in the meal was plenty impressive. Stainless steel and copper abound.....

After blowing through half a bowl of guac faster than zipper can inhale a package of pepperoni it was time for the main course. Jess made enchiladas, one batch with chicken, one with beef. The flour tortillas were made from scratch and so much better than any store bought versions I've had. The enchiladas were perfectly executed with pumpkin seeds being a very nice addition. A pumpkin seed and cilantro sauce was used on them as well as a tomato-chili salsa. All of that was topped off with, that's right, more pumpkin seeds.

The finished product ready to be consumed.....

At this point Taber really stepped up and finished this meal off. If it wasn't for his expert garnishing technique the whole meal would have failed. The pumpkin seeds on top put the finishing touch on things.

Black beans and some white rice with carrots cilantro, and peppers made for excellent sides....

Another successful dinner in the books. Jess 'n Taber really outdid themselves on this meal, and were wonderful hosts. Zipper even warmed up to us after a couple pounds of pepperoni. Next week it's time to fire up the smoker once again for a beef brisket, bbq baked beans, and cornbread.

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